Wednesday, May 19, 2010

being a mommy

brooklyn will be 8 months old in a few days. where has time went. she is so big now. has beautiful blue eyes and strawberry blond hair. her personality is developing. she is such a joy, always happy and smiling. went to dollywood today. we were gone all day long and she was a perfect angel. i am so blessed to have such an amazing child. everyone tells you, you dont know real love until you have a child. well that is so true!! i cant believe that i used to not want kids. i cant imagine not having brooklyn, she completes me (yah corney but true )my life revolves around her now. and it really is the little things that makes me happy. i love feeding her and her night time bath, all that sweet little stuff. i cant imagine how some people out there are so crazy and could actually hurt a tiny child. brooklyn is so precious and amazing and i could never ever hurt her. brooklyn still doesnt hold her own bottle or crawl (lazy thang)but thats ok because she will learn at her own pace. she is in bed now so i have to get off here and get some house work done

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